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the what's

Hit me up! Email me, send a message, DM me! Let's talk about the session and what you are envisioning. 
If I travel?! Heck yes! Travel fees may apply, depending on how far away the location is. But anything within 30 miles of SLC is included. 


After we have chatted a little bit and brainstormed, it's time to set the date for the shoot! 

I do recommend that you book one month in advance, that way you can ensure that you can get your desired dates. 


Sessions are usually scheduled around sunset, so we don’t have to deal with harsh lighting and raccoon eyes. ;) 

But if we are going to be inside, then mid day is perfect! Then we want as much light as possible! If we are doing an indoor session at your place I would be forever grateful if we try to make it open and bright, and clutter free. 
We don’t want anything to be distracting or take away from the awesome photos we will be taking. 

03. payment

A 50% deposit is required when the session is scheduled, and the remaining balance is due the day before or the day of your session. We will discuss payment method during this time, PayPal or Venmo is preferred, but we can talk about other solutions too. 


The day is finally here! Yay! We will meet up at the location we decided to shoot at. I would recommend you to check out the little guide to the right, regarding what to wear and how to feel your very best.


I will have your photos ready in about one week, but it depends a little on the type of shoot. Weddings will take around 3-4 weeks. 

The images will be high resolution and fully edited. All you need to do is to download them and enjoy! 

what to do


Embrace your personal style. 

What items make you feel the most you? Wear that, but don’t be afraid to enhance the outfit. When in doubt - bling it up! 

Comfy but make it fashion

I would suggest you to think about the setting.

For example, if we are doing a lifestyle shoot inside - I would suggest to wear something comfy. Maybe just a regular t-shirt with jeans?

If we’re doing a family shoot outside, then I would recommend to take it one step further. Like what you would wear if you went out for dinner. 

But most importantly, make sure that you are comfortable so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the outfit or get self conscious.​


I usually suggest my clients to choose something that is a little more on the earthy color scheme, and there is a lot of colors to choose from in that palette!
Anything from white, burgundy, navy, beige, blush, emerald, mustard… What I’m saying is that maybe steer away from that fluorescent magenta color.
But if that happens to be the color of your favorite top, we will make it work! 

what to wear

what to expect

posed + candid

If you read the ‘about me’ section, you know that I love taking photos of the candid and raw moments. While doing that, I will provide some direction, or refer back to a movement that you just did. I usually start off with a couple of poses, just to get you used in front of the camera. Because hands?! What are we doing with our hands?! 

And depending on the type of shoot we are doing, there will most likely be a couple of classic poses in there too. 

Amount of images

It all depends on the type of shoot. I will of course deliver more photos for a wedding than a portrait session. But I will never deliver less than 30 images. 

in the zone

When I’m shooting, I could potentially come across a little scattered. But it’s just because I’m constantly looking for great light, cool spots and getting inspired. 

So don’t be startled or offended if I stop mid-sentence to squeal “Stop! Keep that! Stay right there”. But I promise you that those moments will deliver! And we’re all going to be happy that I was acting a little squirrelly. 

this is your day

Make sure that you have a stress free day, where this session will be the main focal point (get it, focal point..?) of your day. So try not to run errands or have a bunch of other commitments to tend to before or after our shoot. 

empty your pockets

Please, please, please, pretty pleeeease make sure to empty your pockets. If you need to bring anything, bring a bag with you that we can put aside while shooting or just put your things in my camera bag. With all those zippers, it will stay safe and sound in there. 

communication is key

If you have any questions or concerns, any at all! Please let me know, so we can make sure that this day is perfect and is running smoothly. You deserve the best experience!

after your session

I’ll either email or text you the link to the gallery, where you can download all the images. 

I use Pixieset to deliver my galleries, and I will send you a PIN so you can download them. They will be downloaded in a zip file for your convenience, so it won’t take up too much space on your computer. I recommend you to download them on a computer, instead of your phone so you can see them in all its glory. 

Share them on social media, email them to relatives, print them out, turn them into wall paper and dress your whole house in them. Go nuts! All I’m asking for is to give me photo credit and/or tag me in the images. This is also why I don’t watermark my photos, because it kind of ruins the whole look of them. And we don’t want that, do we?!


The weather dictates quite a bit in an outdoor session, which is why I will keep in touch with you if it looks like it’s going to be pouring. Then we may reschedule, unless rain is something we feel like would work of course. 

We are only human, and sometimes we get sick or something else that is out of our control, but please try to reschedule with me as soon as possible. 

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