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Hi there 
I’m Sandra Seitamaa! 

I was born and raised in Sweden, hence my weird last name - which is actually Finnish. So it doesn’t have too much to do with Sweden really. My dad just happens to be Finnish and met my Swedish mom, and the rest is history. 

Anyway, I moved to Utah in 2012. I had no intention to make Utah my permanent residence, but this state had other plans for me with its captivating beauty and amazing people. So here I am! 

While here in Utah I met my very tall, very hairy husband. We are both Geminis so we bonded over our given indecisiveness immediately. (I blame the stars for a lot of my quirks, both good and bad I might add!) 


We have a very relaxed and not-so-glamorous love story.  I mean, I proposed to him with a beer can in hand - as if that was my offering and promise for a happy and loving marriage. He was crazy enough to say yes!

We’ve had 2,5 weddings. I know how that sounds - but having family across the pond makes it a little more interesting. And why not celebrate love multiple times?!
We got married up on a hill in Utah, in a cow pasture in Sweden - and the 0.5 time? That happened by the arctic circle in Sweden amongst protesters and reindeers. (And also, I kept my last name - Gemini’s are not only indecisive but also stubborn. So I could of course not get rid of a name that no one can pronounce, and a name that was in fact made up by my paternal grandfather and his brothers during the winter war in Finland). 

We live in a humble little house in SLC with our two sloths, aka dogs. One came to us almost all hairless, and the other one was a crosseyed, overweight barrel. But now they’re as happy and healthy as a dog can be!

Besides shooting portraits, I do have a soft spot for catching those fleeting moments, when perfection is put aside and everything is more candid. Whether it may be a wedding, reunion, event or a creative project.

But when I am not taking photos, I do love to travel (not very original, I know), rearrange my house several times a month (to only change it back to how it was in the beginning), gulp down coffee and spend too much time online shopping

Now when you know a little more about me - I hope we will become buddies and shoot the shoot. 

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